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TorbiStar Soccer Academy specializes in skills development of players of different levels by providing outstanding methods and programs exhibiting highest level of youth soccer.


Torbistar Soccer Academy is designed to provide youth soccer methods and programs which are helping young athletes to develop and progress both in sports components and in behavior and formation in society.
Dmitriy Torbinskiy, a former professional soccer player with a lengthy career in the Russian Premier Leage (RPL) as well as Russian National soccer team. Dmitry grew to stardom under strict guidelines and professionalism of notable coaches where he gained his knowledge and experience of the game he loves. In addition Dmitry has played various positions on the field ranging from full back to the very front of the field which thought him how to play individually and collectively.

Professional career: almost 20 years of experience
Coaching experience:
— Advanced National Diploma (2020)
— Head coach Miami United U-21 (2020)
Our mission at TorbiStar Soccer academy is to promote the worlds most popular sport to our young athletes here in Miami. Our professional team will share their knowledge and expertise of the game with world’s future champions while forming strong and confident sport society that sets and example for others.
TorbiStar Soccer Academy has a vision of guiding young athletes on their way to the very top and eventually becoming champions while maintaining healthy lifestyle and achieving their goals in life.



With almost 20 years of professional experience on the field, Dmitry Torbinsky the founder of TorbiStar Soccer Academy which is UEFA European Championship bronze medalist 2008 with his professional team will share their expertise of soccer with our younger generation. It’s not a surprise that soccer is the most popular sport in the world as with the right approach, your kids will excel in all aspects of the game. Improvement of technical and tactical skills , physical abilities,reading and understanding of the game are just some of the benefits. In addition, our professional coaches teach responsibility, leadership, discсіpline, perseverance in achieving goals, hard work, ability to work in a team and respectful attitude towards others both in the training process and in everyday life.


improvement of technical and tactical skills
improvement of physical abilities
perseverance in achieving goals
the ability to work in a team
respectful attitude towards others
forming of discipline
forming of leadership
forming of responsibility
Our academy is located in the very heart of Sunny Isles Beach at the world renowned Trump International Beach Resort. There is a great multi-sport court which is divided into a turf soccer field and tennis court. A tennis court is easily converted into a soccer field making more space for our young athletes to enjoy a game of soccer at the only oceanfront soccer complex in the surrounding area. For your comfort, lobby bar at the resort is easily accessible for you to enjoy a cold drink with a bite to eat while you wait for your future champions.


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